RV Parking

Our community has designated parking available for rent, on a first-come first-serve basis for residents only.  To inquire of availability, please contact management.


Revised November 2016

DEFINITION:  Recreational Vehicle is defined as follows: Motor home, camper, boat, or trailer
for recreational vehicles.

1. Renter must be a Homeowner in good standing, not delinquent in their homeowner’s dues or
RV Lot fees and must have no violations or unpaid fines pending against his/her unit.
Spaces may be considered for rent to tenants (pending space available) and must include
Homeowner and Board approval. To request a copy please email info@aspm-sd.com

2. Resident Homeowners will be given precedence over non-resident Homeowners on the
waiting list.

3. Monthly rental charge is $30.00 due and payable on or before the 15th of every month. This
rental fee is subject to change with 30 day written notice to current tenants, with a maximum
increase of $20.00 per calendar year. (Ex. 12/1/16 dues increase, the next increase cannot
occur prior to 12/1/17). If a rental fee is delinquent 30 days, the vehicle will be subject to
tow at the owner’s expense and rental privileges will be suspended for a period of 180 days.

4. Vehicles are to be moved from the space a minimum of once every 90 days.

5. Spaces are available to operable and currently registered recreational vehicles only.
Inoperable or unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

6. Renters are responsible for the upkeep of their space, and may be issued a violation for
failure to comply and be called to a hearing by the Board of Directors for non-compliance.
Report maintenance issues of the RV Lot directly to info@aspm-sd.com.

7. No Homeowner may rent more than one space.

8. A renter parked in a space not assigned to them is subject to immediate tow at the owner’s

9. The Magnolia Homeowners Association is not responsible for the security of the lot or the
vehicles parked within. Any damage or loss of personal property is the sole responsibility of
the renter and insurance claims are to be filed with the affected homeowner’s insurance
policy. All renters are responsible for the careful operation of gates and the correct
instruction of the process and a waiver must be signed prior to the rental or renewal of lot
space. Should damage occur to the lot that was unreported, damages assessed to the cost of
repair can be divided among the current renters of the lot. Damages must be reported
promptly to ASPM-SD at info@aspm-sd.

10. Renters are responsible for the security of the RV Lot key distributed to them. If a key is
lost or stolen, this information must be reported. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to the
renter for a replacement key.

11. Minor preventive maintenance is permitted within the space. Preventative items include, tire
pressure checks, engine battery jumps or charges as required. Preventative pre-checks such
as blinker functions are also permitted. No major repairs or potential environmental hazard
spills will be permitted. Should leaks or spills be noted, the renter is responsible for the
complete cost to promptly address proper clean up procedure.

12. Renters may be required from time to time to move to another space to accommodate size of