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Governing Documents

CC&Rs 2015 are available by contacting management.  Theses are large documents so there is a printing charge.

Bylaws 2015

410 Rules & Regs


Reserve Study 2017

Architectural Guidelines

a) Paint – 20 color palettes are available here.
-i) Your choice of color palette must be submitted in writing to the Architectural
Committee for approval. A minimum of two (2) colors from the chosen paint
palette must be used and all colors must be from within the same color
-ii) Wood fences must be painted using: Behr Paint Color: Khaki Shade #YL-W11
b) All exterior elements ofthe unit must be maintained in a clean and well painted
condition at all times.
-i) Wood elements cannot show cracks, splits, holes or splintering.
-ii) Stucco needs to be clean and painted the same color showing no repainted
or repaired patches.
c) Wooden decorative elements such as decorative trim may be removed and not
replaced without architectural request approval. Any gaps, holes, stucco and paint
repairs must be made and color matched so the areas are not apparent.
d) Gutters are required on all units and must be constructed of metal or vinyl and be a
color that matches the units color palette.
-i) Gutters may not sag or show obvious rust.
-ii) Gutters may have leaf screens attached without architectural approval
e) Downspouts must be painted a color that matches the units color palette.
-i) Changing downspout locations requires an approved architectural request
showing locations, where the water will drain (plan drawing), and color and
f) Chimneys must conform to current building/fire codes.
-i) The preferred material for all chimneys is stucco sheathing. Wood sheathing
on chimneys should be replaced with stucco. Such stucco must match the
unit in texture and paint color.
-ii) Chimney spark arrestors must be in place and well maintained, well painted
with fire resistant paint and have no holes or corrosion. Installation or
replacement of such spark arrestor requires a City of Santee permit.
a) Roofs must be well maintained with no bare spots or loose or broken shingles.
b) Roofing repairs and replacement work must be notified to neighbors in advance of
the work.
c) Roofing on storage units attached to the townhome units must match the materials
and paint color ofthe unit to which they are attached.
d) All town home carport/garage and storage area roofs must be properly pitched and
drained so that no unit is negatively impacted by runoff from that roof.
e) Replacement of a unit roof must be approved in advance by the Architecture
Committee with an Architectural Request specifying each of the following:
-i) Must maintain original design and pitch ofthe roof being replaced.
-ii) Paint colors of the unit for which the roof will be repaired and/or replaced.
-iii) Color the new roofing materials.
-iv) Photos or product specification sheets of what the new roofing material
looks like and what it is made of.
-v) Roof shingles must comply with Title 24 requirements, Energy Star composite
fireproof; 2S year composite Class A Rating Shingles.
-vi) Name of who will be doing the installation and date of installation.
-vii) If dumpsters are required for the roof replacement/repair, their location
must be indicated on the Architectural Request in a drawing and must be
approved in advance of the work.
-viii) If a permit is required it should be submitted to the HOA management office
when the work is completed and signed off.
3) ROOF ATTACHMENTS – items attached to the roof such as, but not limited to, wind
turbines, vents, solar tubes, solar panels, sky lights, satellite dish, and security cameras
are approved, but a completed Architectural Request needs to be submitted for the
management files.
a) Roof attachments must at no time present a hazard to neighboring units or to the
common area.
Color compatible with homeowners paint color
b) Steel sectional roll-up or wood material with raised panels with or without windows
c) Photos or product specification sheets of what the item looks like and material made
a) Vinyl or anodize windows, energy efficient dual glazed.
a} Constructed of steel, wood or fiberglass, with or without windows.
a) No patio cover, canvas shade or gazebo may in any way be attached to any
neighboring homeowner unit building or fence, and post may not be placed within
easement areas.
a) No Architectural Request is required for this item.
b) Must be compliant with Fire Department safety standards
c) Must be 4 inches in height
d) Must be installed on at least two locations including garage and fence.
a) Fixtures are required on fences and next to garage.
b) End unit patio homes must have three light fixtures. Lights must be on fence and
garage and either chimney or garage side door.
c) Fence lights must be controlled by a dusk to dawn sensor, may not be motion
controlled light.
d) Security lighting within the homeowner’s property must be properly adjusted and
will not cause light to shine directly into any neighboring unit window.

Click here for information on submitting an Architectural or Landscaping Change Request Form.


It is the responsibility of every homeowner to secure an insurance policy protecting their home from “drywall in” and all contents inside and out.  The association insurance policy protects only the structural elements of the home against natural disaster.  To request a current copy of the association insurance policy, contact property management.