Architecture & Landscaping

Being part of a planned community means we are all responsible for maintaining a pleasant and safe environment of which we can all be proud.  To accomplish this we have an established standard for property upkeep to which we have all agreed to maintain when buying our homes in the Magnolia community.

When performing any modifications to the exterior of your home, whether architectural or landscaping, it is required that an Architectural Request Form or a Landscaping Request Form be submitted to the management company for board review and approval.  Do not make any exterior changes to your home without receiving approval from the board.  This INCLUDES permanent fixtures (not easily moved) inside your fence-line (i.e. cement, permanent planters, irrigation lines) as these items can affect water drainage.  If any modifications are made to your home without approval from the board and are found to be in violation with the architectural guidelines and/or CC&Rs, you will be required to make needed removals/repairs/replacements at your own expense and incur fines.

If you receive a courtesy letter from the Association, please respond in writing or email to property management.
Please include your unit address in the subject line.
By responding, you will let the Board know of your intentions and may avoid receiving more violation letters and possible fines.  If the required repair in anyway alters the exterior appearance of the unit, including repainting same colors, you must submit an architectural request form.
For any maintenance or other Association issues, please contact the management company,



Here are the approved paint color schemes from which you can choose for the exterior of your home.  Your selection of colors must be from the same scheme and you must use a minimum of 2 of the colors.  Click here to see all approved exterior paint color schemes.


Architectural Request Form

This form is required when making any modifications, improvements, repairs to the exterior of the home.  This form is required even if your repairs are in response to courtesy letter received from management regarding violations.  Examples of things requiring pre-approval by the board of directors include:

  • Repainting Exterior (house and fence)
  • Installing / Replacing Gutters
  • Replacing Roof
  • Replacing Fence
  • Replacing Windows
  • Installing Solar Panels
  • Installing Satellite Dish

Approved House Colors:

Currently there are 20 approved color schemes for the exterior of homes.  You can find them HERE.  You must submit an arch-request form for review and approval prior to re-painting your home.

Architectural Guidelines

410 – Updated Architectural Guidelines 2022


All landscape upkeep outside the house and fence line is the responsibility of the community landscaping company and should not be altered in anyway by homeowners unless you are assuming all maintenance responsibilities for the area.

If you wish to modify the landscaping outside your home, please request an ARCHITECTURAL REQUEST FORM from management.  The request will be brought to the attention of the board of directors and the landscaping committee.  Please wait for approval before making any changes.

It is important to have the community landscaping committee and community contracted landscaping company be aware of changes to avoid interfering with community sprinklers, drainage, and electrical lines.  If you do wish or have already altered the community planted landscaping, you assume all maintenance responsibilities for the area.  If proper upkeep is not maintained to meet community standards, by recommendation of the landscaping committee and vote by the board of directors, the community can re-assume control over the area and homeowner billed for cost to return the area to community standards.