Board of Directors

Board Seat Resignation

Longtime member Catherine Crep had announced her resignation from the Board of Directors effective at the end of business 09/10/2018. The Board accepted the resignation and thanked Catherine for her years of volunteering and service to the community.  Per the Bylaws, the vacated seat was made available to nominations.  After receiving only one nomination, during the October meeting open session, a motion was made, seconded, and carried to appoint Tyler Mitchell to fill the vacated seat until the next scheduled elections set for June 2019.

The Board of Directors are elected by popular vote by homeowners to serve a two-year term.  The current board members are as follows:

Travis Andersen
Vice President
Glenn Fullaway
Brandy Cheek
Cherise Villada

Members At Large
Richard (Chad) Winstead
Michael Brandon
Tyler Mitchell

Committee Chairs

Architectural Committee
Michael Brandon
Travis Andersen

Landscaping Committee
Glenn Fullaway

RV Parking
Gina Wiggins (non-board member)


Board meetings usually take place on the second Monday of every month, often excluding December and adjustments for holidays.  The board welcomes and encourages homeowner attendance during open session.  If you have an issue you would like to have addressed by the board during open session, please contact property management to have your name added to the meeting schedule and to confirm the date and time.


To be considered for election to the board and to continue serving, you must be a current resident homeowner and not in open violation or delinquency of dues, fees or fines.  Each homeowner will be notified when the next elections are scheduled to take place and given ample time to submit their names to the ballot.  Check back regularly for official dates.


Elections for 4 of the 7 board seats are scheduled to take place in June 2019.