Community Pool


If you lose your key card, you can request a replacement from management.  A fee will be required to offset the community cost to replace.

Each key card is assigned to a unit and a record is kept of what key card is used and when to access the pool area and restrooms.

If you see anyone using the pool area, including bathrooms in a way that is not in keeping with the community rules, please note the time and date you were there and alert management.

The community pool is open to residents year-round from 8am-9pm.

The pool gates have an automatic lock that activates at 9pm.  Anyone inside the pool area before 8am or after 9pm can be considered a trespasser and legal authorities may be called.  The Board has the discretion to keep the pool area closed during normal hours at their discretion in inclement weather or at times deemed appropriate to maintain public safety or health.

The gate is to remain closed and locked at all times.  You must have your key with you to enter and exit the pool.

Pool and picnic table is available for registered residents (homeowners /renters) and their guests only.  Guests must be with a registered resident who has a pool key.  Anyone seen climbing the fence to enter the pool area will be considered trespassers and reported to the proper authorities.


Non-resident Owners relinquish all rights of use for the pool and picnic area to their tenants.


The association does not provide lifeguard service.  All persons to use the pool area do so at their own risk.

Hired pool monitors are contracted during peak use hours and they do have the authority to enforce the posted community pool rules, including the authority to have anyone, homeowner or guest escorted from the area if deemed necessary to do so.  Hired pool monitors are there solely to enforce pool rules and are not to be relied on for lifeguard duties.

Rules are posted and must be adhered to for the safety and enjoyment of all residents.

Contact property management regarding any issues with the pool and surrounding area.  Please do not bother nearby homeowners.  They will not be able to assist you.


NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND IN OR AROUND POOL:  ALL FOOD AND DRINKS must be kept to the picnic table areas and away from the pool.  This keeps the water clean and surrounding area safe.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind within the pool fence areas, including picnic area.  Broken glass is not fun when stepped on and inside the water, can be nearly impossible to see.

KEEP AREA CLEAN:  Single trashcans are available for small items, not for large party waste.  Please carry out large items like pizza boxes when you leave.  The trashcans are emptied 3 times a week during peak season and only 2 times during off peak months.  For the sake of the community, please carry out as much your garbage as you can.

KEEP BATHROOMS CLEAN:  We are all use the restrooms and want them tidy.  Please do your part and avoid tossing tissues and other items on the floor.  Keep anything other than toilet paper and human waste out of the toilets.  A clog is an inconvenience for everyone and can be very expensive for the community.

CHILDREN: Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult (18 years or older).

NO DIVING: The pool is shallow so for your safety and the safety of others please do not dive into the pool.  Also, no flips into the pool please for the same reason.



BABIES MUST WEAR WATER DIAPERS: If your child requires a diaper, he/she must have on a diaper and be in a snug plastic or rubberized, or diapers sold specifically for use in pools.  This is a state requirement to maintain public health.

NO PETS: All pets must remain outside the pool area.  All licensed service animals must be on leash and not permitted in pool.

NO RUNNING ON POOL DECK:  You are responsible for your own safety.  The pool deck can be slippery with wet feet, it might not be just you that falls to ground if you slip while running.

POOL SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  Rescue equipment is available but is for emergency use only.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that no one is misusing the emergency equipment.  It is there for the safety of all not for the fun of one.

NO LOUD MUSIC:  You are welcome to enjoy music at low volumes but please keep the volume to within your personal space.  This is for the enjoyment of all present at the pool and inside the surrounding homes.

NO PARTIES AT POOL:  The picnic areas are for small groups to use.  No more than 4 guests are permitted per residence without prior permission from The Board.


Fines and notices for violations will be issued in accordance with the current schedule of notices and fines found in the Appendix B of the community CC&Rs.


Each home is provided one key to the pool area.  If you lose your key you may request a replacement from the management company.  There is a $25 service fee.